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Menu Restaurant Uno Takeaway Tralee

Our restaurant type has various tasty dishes. Some of the signature dishes you can find include different kinds of pasta like Spaghetti Bolognese and Penne Amatriciana. You can enjoy these dishes with Bacon, onion, and tomato sauce among other items. There is also a substantial collection of Risotto dishes that will excite any food lover. The dishes on this menu include Risotto Prawn, Risotto Chicken, and Risotto Vegetarian. Baguettes are also a mainstay dish and a core part of the items we offer. Customers can enjoy Steak Baguettes or Chicken Baguettes at any time they wish. Our restaurant type also gives customers an access to some of the most delicious kids' dishes. The Kids Menu has all the favourites including Kids Spaghetti Bolognese, Kids Chicken Goujons & Chips, and many other items. Your kids will thus have an amazing time in our all-inclusive restaurant. There are many other dishes on the menu and the list of soft drinks, desserts, meat dishes and many other items is inexhaustive. We encourage you to take your time with our menu as you will come across some delightful items that will make your day.

About Restaurant Uno Takeaway Tralee

<p>Restaurant Uno Takeaway is your ultimate choice for unmatched excellence in food provision and hospitality. We have an extensive selection that includes all manner of savoury and ethereal dishes. We have the best of both Italian and Irish cuisines on the menu. Customers who like meat dishes can find a suitable dish and so can vegetarian lovers as well. Our food is great for all seasons as we are committed to serving our customers with only the best all year round. Our dishes are rich and inviting as they are made from the best ingredients around. We are also skilled in preparing the best mixes, food combinations and sauces. Our services are also authentic and reliable. We are always devoted to providing the most convenient access to food to our customers. There is a generally warm air within the restaurant and an overall inviting mood. Restaurant Uno Takeaway will thus be perfect for bringing your close friends or even family to enjoy the fantastic dishes. The essence of our restaurant is hard to describe in words but can only be felt through what we offer. Come and visit us today to experience the uniqueness of our services.<p>

Restaurant location Restaurant Uno Takeaway Tralee

You can find us in Unit 3, Ivy Terrace, Tralee, Co. Kerry area. We are the best restaurant for Italian & Irish takeaway in Tralee. We are located in a scenic place where accessibility by road is also guaranteed. Our restaurant serves amazing food and we serve all kinds of customers every day. We serve guests both from the city and our surrounding area. We have an online platform that is accessible via apps for the convenience of all. Both the App Store Google Play store have our apps. We also provide fast food delivery services to all customers. Order a dish from Restaurant Uno Takeaway today and experience quality hospitality services.

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